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Jehovah Jireh Outreach (JJO) is a  501c3 Non-Profit Community Based Organization that is respected and trusted as an effective catalyst for community building. Jehovah Jireh Outreach was founded in November 2007.

Our mission is "Building & Restoring Communities" by providing social, economic and educational services to families and individuals that are in dire need. Our goal is to address the social ills that plague our communities, by helping to reverse the trend of poverty. JJO programs and services are designed to help families achieve economic stability and maintain self-sufficiency.

JJO impact in the community speaks volume, we have garnered the respect of community leaders who love the message and see the needs for the programs that we implement. JJO is a very unique organization; we bring our services and programs to "the community in need". JJO has set up various sites throughout the Greater Newark Area and the surrounding communities. Our programs & services are designed according to the needs of the community.